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My first blog! :D

I have never written a blog before. Ever. This is really exciting for me! I've never even really known what the hell a blog does, but thats ok! I'm gonna find out soon! :D

I have decided to join the creepypasta wikia because of my obsession with the strange, the paranormal, the horrific, the bloody, and the werid. A long time ago, I had read Snopes.Com almost religiously. I would read it every chance that I got, but until I had finished reading all of what the site had to offer, I had gotten bored with it. Recently, a friend of mine had come across a site called Creepypasta. At first, I was like "LOL A TERRIFYING SPAGHETTI DISH". But once I began reading some of the stories on here, I definately had trouble sleeping that night. Afterwards, I was hooked. It takes a lot to really scare me because I had grown up on scary movies, stories, and video games. No once have I ever been this scared to fall asleep at night.

After reading a bunch of stories from the Creepypasta Wikia, my friend and I decided to create an account so we could write our stories on here. We both love to write, and one of my best genres to write is horror. I dont think that I have ever been able to really release my inner horrible, bloody, disgusting writing self out on paper because I know a lot of people would reject it, caling it obscene and just ... awful. Now, I'm happy to have found a place where scary stories are meant to be shared for the public.

I'm excited to start writing, reading, and commenting. And I hope that I can make some friends along the way. :)

Talk to you guys soon. :]


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