I was looking for info about my hometown during the '50's for school. Then found a disturbing story written on a

piece of old ripped paper about a place called the "Red forest". It was about a camping trip for boy scouts about

56 years ago. And when two scouts went on a walk through a dense forest with dead trees, stagnent water, &

no animals but at camp it was the opposite. About an hour later they saw a sign that said "Red forest leave!"

But decided to go through the trail. When the sun started to set they turned back to camp. Then they were

getting scared because they saw trees doused in blood, carnage everywhere they stepped, and heard

"i told you to leave". They ran as fast as possible but when one of them looked back he saw his friend

nailed to a tree from his palms, eyelids cut off, and his body was slashed open from his throat to his groain.

So the one still alive ran as fast as possible and didn't take a single break and saw a creature with a humped

spine, dark hollow eyes ,and razor sharp fingernails. The creature grabbed him and stuck a knife through his eye

with all it's strength and yanked it straight out. But kicked it in the ribs and got back to camp. After i got done

reading it said at the bottom my name is Robert Quimby and i am the scout who survived. Robert Quimby is my

scout leader.