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What is the worst Pasta you have ever written or read?

I'll start this off i had two pastas that i wrote which were god awful. One was called call of duty strange number glitch in it i was recalling the time a strange thing occuring numbers happened to me in the game i realized at the last minute that it sounded like fake spam B.S. and it got removed twice for being that way, sorry Admins for posting that I wasn't trying to write and post spam on purpose it was completly accidental. :(

The second was the creature in my mind another horrible pasta that i wrote. I was trying to do something new so i decided to combine demons, lucid dreams and a bunch of other stuff to make it awesome it came out horrible and it got marked for deletion and it became a troll pasta, i was mad all that hard work for nothing basically. My god what was i thinking when i wrote that. Zackishere 18:40, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

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