He's just something else man, I swear. First, he changes my password on this wiki and he writes bogus B.S., thats not even funny by the way! Reading the post that he put on this page he was saying stuff like my mom just died and that I was going to Africa to help people. On top of that he made the worst pastas imageniable using my account, thank god it was just two of them. And he also hacked my facebook account and added 300 people I didn't even know and liked 1000 things from penis to gay sex positions. Anyways if he pissed anyone off, mssage me and i'll give you his email address. I swear sometimes it sucks having a 15 year old brother who does stupid stuff for no reason. Anyways its good to really be back, I just graduated college and im looking foward to my pursuing my dream of developing software. Since I have time to kill before I go job searching I might as well fix my 3 part pasta by of course making part 2 scary, because my brother wrote fucked up part 2 and turned it into some kind of slummber party!