There are millions of creepypasta fans out there, billions of stories and pictures, millions of videos and recordings, and thousands of comics. Every convention starts somewhere; you don't think ComicCon just happened every year, do you? What, exactly, would it take to start a PastaCon? If we take most conventions as a model, it would take some planning, support from major corporations with a stake in the convention's success, a venue, guests, booths, panels, and of course, attendants. Who's up for creating a PastaCon for 2015? We'd have a whole year, or longer, to organize the convention. Think of all the business it could generate, all the artists and authors that would get exposure to a wider audience, and all the fresh blood that could be pumped into the creepypasta community! Yea, or nay; are you in, or are you out?

EDIT: All those in favour of L.A. for the first con, speak up! All against it, let's hear your rebuttals!