• Yushi316

    Why Is There No PastaCon?

    February 6, 2014 by Yushi316

    There are millions of creepypasta fans out there, billions of stories and pictures, millions of videos and recordings, and thousands of comics. Every convention starts somewhere; you don't think ComicCon just happened every year, do you? What, exactly, would it take to start a PastaCon? If we take most conventions as a model, it would take some planning, support from major corporations with a stake in the convention's success, a venue, guests, booths, panels, and of course, attendants. Who's up for creating a PastaCon for 2015? We'd have a whole year, or longer, to organize the convention. Think of all the business it could generate, all the artists and authors that would get exposure to a wider audience, and all the fresh blood that could…

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