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    November 1, 2013 by Yuki.kuran.9674

    Hi Im Nicole,Nicole Greene.Im telling you a story that I would never forget.

    My parents are out.All I know is im with my younger brother and sister.My sister left and I was left alone with James(3 yr old).It was dead of the night when I heard car brakes.I said"Uh it's Sandra."So I just pretend to sleep with James tucked in his crib.I stared at the ceiling and my mind wandered off.But I regain my consciousness when I heard my  sister voice.She was cursing someone in the phone I guess,I bet it's his stupid boyfriend,Carl.Sandra and Carl is engaging in some sort of fight for the past few days.Then suddenly she stopped.The cursing stopped and replaced by whispering.I don't clearly hear the words but most of it say "DIE".It creeped me out as I r…

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  • Yuki.kuran.9674

    My sister...

    October 29, 2013 by Yuki.kuran.9674

    "Why did'nt ever let me live?."She said softly.

    I did'nt manage to reply.That's how she got furious.

    "WHY?!"She said in a loud demonic voice.

    I could only let a faint murmur in my mouth.


    "I'm sorry....I did'nt want that to happen."I said backing away.

    Then fire surrounded us.There's no way out.

    "You can't run nor hide your all mine.Your going to pay."My sister said.

    "Sally,please don't hurt me I'm begging you."I plead to her.

    "For what Sandra?!Your going to suffer over and over again."She replied.

    After that she charged towards me.I screamed.

    Im awake.Thank God.Im not dead.Im still-.

    "What the-"I was startled by the sound.

    It was mom.I quickly rushed outside to find my mom being sliced into half by an …

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