aka Jared Burns

  • I live in Columbus Ohio
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is
  • I am Male
  • Yougotgame100creepypastas

    One day i was bored and decided to play my old console i coulden't decide on what to play either my Nintendo 64 or My Super Nintedo but after thinking for a few minutes i decided i will play the Super Nintendo but i ony had a few games for it but they were not that good so i decided to go to my drift store, when i got to the store and i looked in the game selection and then i found Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo but the name was scratched off and written in black marker and it said "Mario's Demon" it was kinda weird but i decided to buy it anyways i went to the check out and asked the cashier how much was it, i asked her how much is this game when she saw the game she had that frightend look on her face and she said "Just Take Th…

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