I had a nice friend and all, but one day he started acting, well, abnormal, usally he comes to my house, just about everyday. Now he doesn't really at all.

Today he came, but he wouldn't stop repeating the same word, "Webberman, Webberman, Webberman" So then I decided to talk to his parents. They said he was acting just fine. Huh, maybe it's just me. So another few days later i went to his house, and his parents said he was busy, but I could play black ops on his Xbox 360 while I was waiting for him. So i started to play Black Ops but for some reason, the sound was broke, nothing, I even tried turning up the TV and black ops itself. I thought it was just his speaker broke so i moved on. When I went on the start menu, everything was messed up. Blood was EVERYWHERE!!! Even on mason himself. That's when I started getting kinda creeped out. So I went on a multiplayer server. No one was there, but when i looked on the server list there was around 20 people. Also, more blood everywhere. At this point I was plain scared. So I started to look around, maybe they were hiding or something, I found one guy, he had no nametag, and his character was messed up (thats the only way I can describe it) he was horribly mutilated and just awful looking, then the screen flashed black and one word appeared, webberman. Then the Xbox made a fizzing noise and it got the red ring of death. It was broke but it still had the same word on the screen, webberman. Then I got so scared I just left the house.

- This diary entry was found in the garbage as of today and both people were found dead.

(my first creepypasta, hope ya like it)