I thought that since there was such a large hubbub about my activities yesterday. it would be only fitting i explain myself a bit, no i have no intention of getting myself unbanned. due to the fact that, simply put.

i did it so i couldn't come back.

ya see, a few tunes the night before the fateful morning i had felt a little temptation to come back. and knowing this, and knowing myself. not being one to fight temptation for very long, i did a measure i could only see reasonable.

i stopped myself from ever coming back.

i came onto the chat last morning with the intention of making it so that i could never return to the chat, it was the only measure i could make to keep myself from walking right back in. never be dragged in by a friend, never be bothered with anyone to come back. i did what i had to. and now everyone is calling my actions childish, and immature, and the like, which i mean looking back maybe they were. but just requesting a perma ban wouldn't of done it. then, i would be able to ask for it to be lifted at any time. i didn't want that. i wanted to make sure i couldn't come back.

and so i did. my letter of retirement still stands, and i shall leave it up for all to read, and everything i said there still stands. i still did enjoy my time spent here and all that business. i only came one last time to close the book for good, and now.

i leave for good.

also fred savage has a really punchable face (talk) 06:40, June 28, 2014 (UTC)