so uh sup i'm noah, i've gone under the names, ednoahjones, turntechgodhead, ectobiologist, urotsuki, ebectobiologist, and now yesterdaysHyperdrive.

i've been a moderator for about 3 months, since march of 2014,  and i guess i should explain why my rights should be reinstated,

uh. i don't know man, i'd say that i'm a pretty good moderator on the site, and i've had a numeral few people all tell me i'm the "greatest mod on the site" which i disagree with personally but i guess it's something to note.

i'm online most of the time i'm awake and at home, which can shift from time to time, i'm usually up either all day or all night to early mornings, it really depends.

i'd say that i have a pretty strong sense of justice which is what drives me to be a better moderator, i usually ban people what i see as a fair amount of time, usually only about two hours unless the rules state otherwise, or the injustice is notably severe.

i have a very passionate personality and that usually either helps me or hurts me, as a moderator, so i mean make of that what you will.

basically, i'm on a lot of the time and i'm good at my job, i'd say. i usually can diffuse a situation if i really must, and i usually try to help users whenever possible.

but i mean hey if you guys don't think i'm mod material that's cool too, it's been a ride man and if i don't keep mod i'll just leave i guess, since i won't really be able to contribute anymore, and i dunno maybe that's for the better. i guess thats up for you guys to decide.

so yeah, make me a mod again if you think i'm good for it, and if not, that's cool too. i guess i'll end this now. take care all.

also fred savage has a really punchable face (talk) 00:28, June 9, 2014 (UTC)