aka MC Lou

  • I live in the united states
  • My occupation is Breaking Mirrors With My Face
  • I am A MC
  • YesterdaysHyperdrive

    I thought that since there was such a large hubbub about my activities yesterday. it would be only fitting i explain myself a bit, no i have no intention of getting myself unbanned. due to the fact that, simply put.

    i did it so i couldn't come back.

    ya see, a few tunes the night before the fateful morning i had felt a little temptation to come back. and knowing this, and knowing myself. not being one to fight temptation for very long, i did a measure i could only see reasonable.

    i stopped myself from ever coming back.

    i came onto the chat last morning with the intention of making it so that i could never return to the chat, it was the only measure i could make to keep myself from walking right back in. never be dragged in by a friend, never be …

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  • YesterdaysHyperdrive

    I would like to leave this open letter of retirement to everyone on this wiki. a goodbye. to this place. to the people here. to anyone who might read it in the future, to people returning from times past to see an old friend, etc, etc, my time here, has been.. educational, to say the least. i never knew i could hate human beings so much until i came here. nor however, did i know how much i could love other people. indeed. this place is the reason i have any friends i have at all. yes i do so owe this place in its own ways. and i felt i had been, paying my debt by moderating the chat. and that was fun whilist it had lasted. however. i'm afraid as i have been recently, unfairly stripped of my position. i see no more reason to stay here. no, …

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  • YesterdaysHyperdrive

    so uh sup i'm noah, i've gone under the names, ednoahjones, turntechgodhead, ectobiologist, urotsuki, ebectobiologist, and now yesterdaysHyperdrive.

    i've been a moderator for about 3 months, since march of 2014,  and i guess i should explain why my rights should be reinstated,

    uh. i don't know man, i'd say that i'm a pretty good moderator on the site, and i've had a numeral few people all tell me i'm the "greatest mod on the site" which i disagree with personally but i guess it's something to note.

    i'm online most of the time i'm awake and at home, which can shift from time to time, i'm usually up either all day or all night to early mornings, it really depends.

    i'd say that i have a pretty strong sense of justice which is what drives me to be…

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