Hi guys, I'm making this post to tell you about some of my favorite pasta writers and here about some of yours.

For some reason, MrDupin's stories always pull me right in, although short they always are fun to read and have an unexpected twist.

Another famous user who I like is Banningk1979. It is without question he is a great writer.

One of my other favorites is Doom Vroom, they have wrote several great pastas and I always like to see them upload more.

And lastly, Elliot. This isn't an account but the pen name of the writer. Their only know work is 1999 which is one of the most famous creepypastas ever. Their story almost leads me to believe the pasta is real, although research shows it isn't. I would like to see them continue the 1999 story.

Well those are my 4 top Creepypasta writers, what are yours?