"It is time for Christmas spirit!" says you.

"Shut the fuck up" says me.

First of all, I don't hate Christmas as what it is supposed to be, celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I also don't mind that people give presents, it is a huge thing and I am OK with it.

What I do hate is the companies. Around November 15th of every year comes a wonderful time of the year called marketing and overpriced shit.

The stores are next to impossible to find stuff now and all that is there is overpriced Christmas decorations.

I also hate how so many people don't act the same at Christmas time "It's my Christmas spirit!"

No, stay the fucking same. I am not gonna turn all Jolly for a day to make people happy. You should do that all year.

Are your opinions different to mine? Comment them below and have a merry Christmas!

P.S. This post was not meant to offend people who have different opinions than me on this.