It's been a while since I've seen you. Can you take me to the place that you went to? To the great land where you rest your head. The place you talked about before I went to bed. And there you were, standing in the light. Through your darkest days, you always taught me right. No I won't forget all of those "good nights", but most of all, I won't forget "goodbye".

I miss you. Why did you have to go away? If I see you, it will ease all of the pain. When you said "Don't cry, have a better day", it made me feel stronger, even to this day. I can only see you when I sleep. I can only hear you when I dream. Having special moments as a child. Hope you love me for who I am now.

Momma, I miss you. Why did you have to go away? When I see you, it always eases all the pain. Can you take me to that special place?

I just want to hang out till the crack of dawn. I want to remember how it feels to have a mom.

- Love you, Mom. <3