Earthbound and cold by tearsoftheamaranth-d515ado
ok, so i never had believe in all the lost episode crap. you know "the devil is coming" "praise satan" "the red sky?"  that crap? nooooooo, im not a skeptic. im just not stupid.

anyways! this is my story.

ok so i was up late one night on well, here. i finished up a "lost epsiode of sponge bob." i then turned on my radio and fell asleep listening to "high way to hell" i dont know if this is why my dream happened the way it happend. anwho, my dream started out with me and my friendin my new house when my friend started crying. i asked her what was wrong and she pointed at the window. i looked out of it and what i saw gave me goose bumps. the sky was blood red and everything was deserted. i screamed and next thing i knew i was outside by the towns only gas station. i was alone when i met this guy. our convo went somthing like this.

him: what are you doing out here are u stupid?

me: no whats going on here?

him: hes coming

me: who? whos coming?

him: the red one, now come on we have things to discuss

we ended up back at my house. everything outside blew up into blood red dust. the screams were so real i swear i wasnt dreaming. we didnt talk after that he just looked at me with sad sad eyes. he put his hand on my shoulder. he wished me luck and told me to avoid him at all times and keep safe do what ever i had to protect myself and family. he disapeared. i started crying as he left i heard my heart break i then fell to the floor.

i woke up in a panic and looked out my window releived it was only raining.

now what do you think? coidence or not?