Hello, my name is Xxneedtogetoutogtherexx. I am new here and would like some ideas on what I should write about for a pasta. This is my first time having a account with Creepypasta Wiki so I am not used to writing a pasta or even how to format one. I have been on Creepypasta before, just to read some pastas that I wanted to read. I like Creepypasta Wiki because when I read the pastas, it feels like I am in the pasta, that I am in the story that is being told. I mostly like pastas about mirrors,and about lost episodes. 

Some things that you would like to know about me is that I normally come to Creepypasta Wiki through out the day so I am almost always on Creepypasta reading pastas that i am intersted in. I joined Creepypasta Wiki today and my expeirience on Creepypasta has been awesome. I write poetry as well as short stories, but always end up leaving the story because my mind had gone blank. I would also like some ideas on how to get a 10/10 on a pasta that I would publish if i would like to write a pasta.

Another thing that some people are wondering right now is "Wow, whoever this person is really is desprate." Well I am not desprate. I am just asking for some help with some ideas for pastas for me to write about. This is my first time having a Wika account and I am new at this kind of stuff. There are a lot of new members that join Creepypasta Wiki almost everyday, and today I was one of those new members.