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    Hello! :3

    August 22, 2014 by XxYourYaoiGirlxX

    Hey there,

    I'm new to Creepypasta Wiki. I absolutely love creepypasta.

    So, why is my name related to some anime genre meant for deranged fangirls? Simple.

    I love yaoi, too.

    That's why I wanna try to make gay creepypastas...and, no, I don't mean the kind where the gay guy gets killed first. I mean the kind where a male ghost falls in love with a guy and the guy is scared or some shit. I dunno, I gotta think this out more. 

    Anyways, this post is meant to warn you about the gay sex/rape in some of the creepypastas I might post.

    Yeah, yeah, I know... "This isn't a place for gay ghost love stories."

    Well, they aren't love stories.

    Some will contain ghost rape, avenging angels, and gay serial killers who rapes their victims.

    Also, just to give a trigger …

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