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I need Inspiration for Video Game creepypasta!!

Hear me, Those Who Type To The Dead

The Ones Whose Keyboards Are Bloody-Bone  Red

I Need An Idea, A Canvas To Paint

So I can Scare Children And Make Them Faint

I Call To You All of The Creepypasta Site

I'm Tired And It's 12:38 At Night

So Please Tell Me Now What Pasta Shall I Brew?

What Kind of Game Shall I Scare In Two?

I Need Something New, Not That Poor Little Buffy

She's Already Dead And Her Grave Is All Stuffy

But Maybe A Sequel, To Her Untimely Death?

Or Maybe Should I save My Cold Gravely Breath?

Shall I Make The Pyro Burn Up A Dozen Child's Toys?

Will I See A NeoPet Scream Out Of No Joy?

Please Tell me, Fellow Writers, I Grow Misty With Sleep

Tell me Now What Shall I Write Before The Sandman Reaps

Creepypasta Wiki I Inquire Unto You

Give Me A New Game I Can Scare Into Two

Heh, The poem, just felt like it. But seriously I need inspiration for a new video game creepypasta. One that hasn't been done before please!

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