Can you believe it! I've read many creepypasta's here about people's video games talking to them and people turning into handheld consoles, but now there's a new movie coming out that is basically Creepypasta: The Movie! If you could call it that.

The movie is called "Unfriended". Obviously we only see so much of the movie through the trailer, but even so it's enough to tell that gaming urban legend and haunted computers/technology Creepypastas are the inspiration for this movie. Isn't this wonderful?! WE are the inspiration for a movie!! I don't know whether to celebrate or feel a bit uneasy (don't know where that feeling is coming from but I'm getting it) but I want to see this movie! How about you guys?

EDIT: Whoops, just found out it's already come out.

EDIT 2: Correction: it IS an upcoming movie, but it was realeased last year only at Fantasia Festival. It's coming to us worldwide this year.