• XxXClockWorkXxX

    Can you believe it! I've read many creepypasta's here about people's video games talking to them and people turning into handheld consoles, but now there's a new movie coming out that is basically Creepypasta: The Movie! If you could call it that.

    The movie is called "Unfriended". Obviously we only see so much of the movie through the trailer, but even so it's enough to tell that gaming urban legend and haunted computers/technology Creepypastas are the inspiration for this movie. Isn't this wonderful?! WE are the inspiration for a movie!! I don't know whether to celebrate or feel a bit uneasy (don't know where that feeling is coming from but I'm getting it) but I want to see this movie! How about yo…

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  • XxXClockWorkXxX

    Hear me, Those Who Type To The Dead

    The Ones Whose Keyboards Are Bloody-Bone  Red

    I Need An Idea, A Canvas To Paint

    So I can Scare Children And Make Them Faint

    I Call To You All of The Creepypasta Site

    I'm Tired And It's 12:38 At Night

    So Please Tell Me Now What Pasta Shall I Brew?

    What Kind of Game Shall I Scare In Two?

    I Need Something New, Not That Poor Little Buffy

    She's Already Dead And Her Grave Is All Stuffy

    But Maybe A Sequel, To Her Untimely Death?

    Or Maybe Should I save My Cold Gravely Breath?

    Shall I Make The Pyro Burn Up A Dozen Child's Toys?

    Will I See A NeoPet Scream Out Of No Joy?

    Please Tell me, Fellow Writers, I Grow Misty With Sleep

    Tell me Now What Shall I Write Before The Sandman Reaps

    Creepypasta Wiki I Inquire Unto You

    Give Me A New G…

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