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Hi name fred I am 14 year old that a weird dream not to long ago now your wondering what does this to do with anything well this dream seem like real here we go.

It was a early morning I havent sleep yet so I wen't to my bed room I wasn't go to fall asleep but I did...I woken up out of my bed and I got my favorite sweet shirt but turn to be a my little pony one then I step outside to find my friend and back at the trailer park I used to live at but something happen. A blank happen I was sudden I was in a dfferent house this guy have tooken me at one point I saw my dad and I whisper to him "help" but I didn't work then came back home I was toward the bed room with the guy in it then I saw this littl girl. Who said "not everything what it seem fred"I look in side see the person who had caputer me a part short, like a doll saying stuff then I woke up

I am telling you now becarful in your dream world cause you think it the real world take controll right there

Thanks, Have a nice day :3

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