I was just an other girl you would know. Who would love playing,making friends etc but there was one thing I loved roses

They just used to make me feel so calm and nice,everytime I would be sad when those long creatures with two things sticking out from their bottom and from their body would fight, i would always have one of these amazing things with me 

Until a day came when I was 8 or so i guess I had to leave this place and came to a decision that should I go to paradise or hell or stay over here for eternity

I of course chose over here cause I wanna live over here for the fullest till he calls me again on the day of judgement

then he asked me "dear.. what's the most thing you loved when you were there?"

I simply answered "the rose"

And that's how I am stuck here and next time you pluck a rose In your garden I shift to another home apparently your neighbors home but I'm never leaving your side I'll probably some how end up to you from your wedding flowers or from the roses your boyfriend gave to you from your first anniversary and oo don't worry I do no harm unless you harm my other sisters

Oh you seeing that rose there oh it's just me am I moving too much? Then I'm just saying hello