I finally understand that town who outlawed whistling... I'm sitting here reading creepypasta, alone in my apartment. And under the sound of my 5 cats wrestling each other and ESPN First Take quietly resonating from the television in the other room, I hear the creepiest sounding old tune being whistled through the wall next to me. It literally sounded like it was in the wall. It didn't travel back and forth from side to side like the sounds from next door usually do as my neighbors pace around their house. It seemed to ascend upward and then slowly come back in a semi-circle. Or even a figure-eight form. It was definitely an old, sad tune and the notes were somewhat unsettling. I muted the TV and listened for a few moments, and then all of my cats stopped their running and fighting, turned their heads toward the wall and listened with me. They usually look at 'wall noises' with a hunter's glare, ready to pounce; in this case, though, they seemed to be cowaring in fear and slowly backing up. The hair on Biddy's back got all spikey, and Rigby hissed. I realized then that the whistling was now all I could hear. No crickets and birds outside my window, no cars passing by in the distance.... Nothing. Nothing but the whistling, which was now directly at ear level, unmoving, and growing louder and louder. The song seemed to have taken a dark turn as well; the notes were mostly minor and the whistler's voice began to shake. Two of my cats had cowared away somewhere, and Biddy and Rigby were somewhat frozen in their defensive stance... The only boy, Dorian, known for being braver than most cats, was slowly inching closer toward the wall, with his ears pinned back and his mouth partially open as if in a hunter's trance. With every inch he gained toward the wall, the whistling seemed to gravitate slowly closer to him as well and away from me. Soon, his nose was mere inches away from the wall and in an instant, the whistler ceased to whistle, and instead began to scream....


I actually started out writing a blog about the creepy whistling that was really just happening a little bit ago and my cats' reacting scared toward it, but my creepypasta-filled mind started turning it into a creepypasta. Any ideas on how to end it/continue it? I'm a little out of time at the moment.