these fields of bright yellow reflected of the sun from the clear brush and weeds turn dark and deep late at night. the most darkest of night. when all the post lights tend to turn off is when it gets to skeptical. it was a nice spring night i had just opend my window after a long cold front. the breeze blew in calmly and delicate enough to tuck me into the most comfortable sleep. between 3 and 4 in the morning my pores quickly swelled up and i began to pour out a river of sweat soaking my sheets and bed, my heart beat was pounding fiercly my breath became heavy and my grip was clenched hard into my sheets and comforter holding on tighter and tighter. my eyes flickered and still couldnt shake anything off i couldnt even move. then loud violent howls came from outside from a distance. coyotes. it sounded as if they were running from somewhere or to someone closely listening as they ran right by my house and to the fields violently and swiftly. the howls then decreased and i pass out into the remainder of the night without a struggle. the next morning i awoke ill. my face pale yellow sweat pouring through every pore even my plams. my body was shaking in ache and fear. i felt nauseated and i threw up the most clearest vomit i have ever seen, no chunks or blood nothing but water. i went back to bed and tried to sleep, but no use i couldnt stop tossing and turning feeling aches of pain traveling through my body preventing me from moving. i spent almost 2 weeks bed ridden. every time i would move i would feel pain and violently shake, my skin got even paler and hard. it almost felt like i was in the process of dying. it was not until i got rushed to the clinic for some over the counter medication. the medication didnt kick in after i headed home. tired and in pain i collapsed into the living room couch right away. the next day i felt awake with no more pain but still more sweat. i decided to go for a walk down to the park by my house it was a nice day to get out in the trail and feel the spring weather. by the time i went halfway i still kept on sweating, i was sweating way to much up to a point where it felt like some one came and poured a water bottle over me. i then feel this relife a cool sensation all over my body. by the time i got home i felt as if there was nothing wrong like i just stopped being sick right away. ever since then i never smoked salvia again.