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April 21, 2012
  • Xianwelsh

    Brown the Brownie.

    April 21, 2012 by Xianwelsh

    Hello there.

    Has anyone seen a Show called "Brown the Brownie"?

    Its a Really simple show starring a Brownie named Brown (As you saw Above).

    He runs around ripping Chunks of Brownie off his Body and feeding Starving Children with the Bigass junks of Brownie.

    I Found the First and 2nd Episodes of the show in my Attic with a VHS Because they were in VHS Tapes.

    The 1st Episode consists of a Rap Intro sorta sounding like This,

    -Brown is such a goody Brownie-

    -He helps all the starving Kiddys!-

    -Whenever he heards the Grumble of a Hungry Kiddy-

    -He always make it up to The Tummies!-

    It repeats those Lyrics again then is cuts to a Brown screen saying "The Nutty Need"

    Brown is a CG Brownie with Googly Eyes, A Big Grin that looks like a Fridge Stamp, And Arms…

    Read more >

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