Have you ever thought for just a moment that maybe this isn't really reality?

I have... I've thought about it plenty of times. Like maybe we're all asleep and when when we die we finally wake up in the real world, maybe it's like the Matrix and we're stuck in a virtual universe and when we find out that we're just puppets doing that we're programmed to do we go threw trial then punished... Maybe we're not really alive or asleep? We're just experiments to see how different people live there lives and who ever wins goes to a special place... " Heaven " and the loser goes to Hell. Well let me tell you. It's all a game we go threw problems like illness, death, wealth, being poor, lonley, or being around to many people, relationships ( gay, straight, bi or tri ) and etc.

Like if you haven't notice it is a game... Think about it... Like War.. People that goes to fight for there country they probably be thinking that "i can do this and come out on top". Then the next thing you know u get hurt or you die. Murdering... There's games about running around killing people your don't like or even know like in real life. People kill others for no reason what so ever just so they can have what they never had like a real life... Thief... People goes around stealing things that don't belong to them all the time and seem to get away or get caught, but your still going to have to deal with karma and everyone knows that karma's a B.I.T.C.H, but that's why i love her Lolz... Love and relationships... We all go threw it... like i'm going threw it now... we love that person but always seem to be doing wrong or not doing enough or not even doing nothing but in "Reality" we're doing everything we can for that person because we Love them, but is it really love or is it because we don't wanna be alone in this big world..

Loneliness... Some of us been threw it and most of us are still going threw it now... We can never seem to make ourselves happy because of things we've been threw, things that will never get healed and thing that just won't go away. So we find ways... and YES WE DO FIND WAYS. Everything else that you start thinking about is nothing but a big what IF, but that IF is always right and never wrong... This is our reality and everything is a fake so be happy when you get ready to die because when you do we be in a better place... A Better Place ^.^

This is my first time blogging and and posting something on Creepypasta so give me the truth about what you think about it... Thanks From Zay