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I'd like to formally request all of the active admins contact my email address

I have something rather important to discuss but am currently lacking in several email addresses in my personal contact list. This is something that should be first discussed off wiki. Not for secrecy reasons but for simplicity. If I already have your email address you do not need to send me an email. So, BenNasty, ClericofMadness, and Weirdozzy are all in the clear. I could use IM but that involves getting twelve (more realistically ten) peoples' schedules from all around the world in sync... doesn't sound too fun. I will send out the message as soon as I recieve all of the accounts, or in three days time to those I have. If you do not feel comfortable giving me an email address you use for other things, make a novelty one specifically for creepypasta admin contacts. In case you don't know is the address I'd like you to contact. Anyway as you were.

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