Well, to start things off, hey.

My name's Jaquelin, but I prefer Jackie better. I'm in middle school, get average grades, and like rock music, anime, and creepypasta. I don't like pop or too much bubbly feeling things. I love things that can scare people shitless because it's good to know that you can make a reference to something, laugh about it, then be freaked out for the next five minutes. I love gaming and drawing. Favorite bands include My Chemical Romance (2001-2013 <3), Green Day, and Blink-182. My favortie quote is: "That is my bargain you mewling quim!" - Loki (Favorite villian) Favorite movie line(s): "Well when you take off the suit, what are you?" "Genius billionaire playboy phillanthropist." - Steve talking/arguing with Tony (Favorite Avenger)

I got introduced to creepypasta when I heard about Slenderman from Pewdiepie. (Typical). Well, at first I thought it was real, due to that day my imagination was jsut kicked into overdrive for no apperant reason. So I started freaking out and looking things up, eventually getting my friends into the mix, and I was scared straight for about a week. I then found the creepypasta page, and I controlled myself. I was being childish, pfft- I was only 12, what more do you expect? Anyways, I found out about creepypasta and it took off from there. I started reading the best known ones like Jeff The Killer, the Rake, BEN Drowned, things like that. I also started reading other things, like creepypastas surrounding theories of many things, lost episode pastas, and many more. I already wrote dark. So I thought about making a creepypasta. Well, I did, but I haven't had the time to revise and upload it. I also write frequently and very often. Latest thing I wrote was called Steampunk Ferris Wheel for my WITS class when we went to the Menil Collection and I was just blown away by the art there. Seriously, go check it out. Okay, so in that, it's supposed to rhyme but I left it alone. The one I wrote that is my still-in-storage creepypasta is called Twins, and I'll put it up on here when I get the chance.

I'm also very active on certain sites, like dART.


I also like to collaborate on different story ideas, and I look forward to joining you all on this Wikia! OuO