Sitting here, alone but not I ponder; How can I get myself to stop feeling? Do I have to pry open the cap of my skull, tear and shred the nuerons while supplying myself with enough blood to sustain life? Therepy, cutting, drinking, screaming, killing... Nothing dulls the pain. I wantch the vermin around me, walking tall with thtier heads held high, thinking of the ways I can dismantle them and destroy them. Bleaching their water bottles, kidnapping them and torturing them grotesquely until they cant do anything more than ache for the ability to scream and beg.. I want them gone but they just wont go away.

The feelings.. The people.. Everyday its always the same and it never changes.

"What beautiful eyes you have" said the sider to the fly, oh why, oh why is the prey so weak, so feeble, so dim? "SiNg fOR me mY dEAr.."

She sang. She screamed. And that was the last thing she did before the demon swallowed her whole.