Within the year I had graduated from college, I decided to join the army. U.S Navy to be precise. Two years in and a scientific idea came to light and the scientist wanted to test it.

“Cryogenic Stases?” Asked the General.

“Cryogenic Stases means we will freeze 3 of your crew and then un-freeze them 100 years into the future” Replied the Scientist.

The General being the General agreed to put 3 of his crew into the test. A Commando, a cadet and a medic. I was the medic having gotten a degree in science and health. The commandos name was Janet Fletcher, she had survived a war years ago, she hates talking about it and I don’t blame her. Finally the cadet, an 18 year old male with less experience than any other cadet.

“You 3 have been chosen to participate in a scientific test. Though when you awake from your 100 year slumber you will not have many relatives or maybe even allies. You must and will survive” Commanded the General.

“What will happen to us? What are we having done to us? Sir!” I asked

“You are being frozen to be un-frozen in 100 years! You will now be dispatched to inform your families that you are staying a lot longer than you expected. We cannot risk the enemies knowing of this mission!”

“Sir, yes sir!” We shouted.

After we all said good bye to our families we were taken to a secret base located outside of Nevada.