I know I can go back on chat But there's a problem why I don't want to anymore...

I mean I ONLY go on when my true friends are on chat(♥The Twisted Faith♥,NeveRLee,ETC.)


All these are a problem in our own world too.

Bullying leads a man to madness And/Or Suicide...

Harrasment leads to Feeling unsure about yourself...

Sadness leads to Emo-like emotions and cutting yourself (Me sometimes).

This has happened to me by Computer AND real life.

But the reason I wanted to make this blog is to tell all Administrators to try to fix this problem on here.

Try to make a Chat rule or a site rule for this.

This is a problem and if you don't fix this people will start leaving your sites.

And you won't be payed money for them coming on here.

You need money right?!

So fix this problem and make people happy :)

Thank you.