aka Angie

  • I live in Goose Creek,SC
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is To Have Fun! /)>u<(\♥♥♥
  • I am Female

    I'm Backkkk!!!

    October 26, 2013 by XXBEN-LUVS-MEHXx

    Hey everyone srry I have been out for a while off of chat i've been in the hospital and my eyes keep on bothering me but i'm ok!Hope you guys were ok while I was gone.Tell me everything I missed! Baii!

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    Go to this Fanpage and click to like us!!!

    Right now we are looking for Administrators to hire so message for the job if yah want. :)

    Thanks everyone!

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    I know I can go back on chat But there's a problem why I don't want to anymore...

    I mean I ONLY go on when my true friends are on chat(♥The Twisted Faith♥,NeveRLee,ETC.)


    All these are a problem in our own world too.

    Bullying leads a man to madness And/Or Suicide...

    Harrasment leads to Feeling unsure about yourself...

    Sadness leads to Emo-like emotions and cutting yourself (Me sometimes).

    This has happened to me by Computer AND real life.

    But the reason I wanted to make this blog is to tell all Administrators to try to fix this problem on here.

    Try to make a Chat rule or a site rule for this.

    This is a problem and if you don't fix this people will start leaving your sites.

    And you won't be payed money for them coming…

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    September 15, 2013 by XXBEN-LUVS-MEHXx

    Once upon a time there was a lonely Mad Scientist.

    One day he wanted a Daughter so He thought he could make one.

    So He Went to the Town Cemetery At Midnight.

    He went to his mother's Grave and took her heart.

    When he went home he started making a puppet.

    Before he put in all the nails in the chest he putted a glass chamber where the heart is.

    And Placed the Heart inside of it...

    Then he went to bed...

    Suddenly while he was sleeping he was awoken by a CRASH!

    He got his Shotgun from under his Bed And went to see if it was a intruder.

    He walked down the hallway and saw blood everywhere he walked from his expirements,like they had ran to safety.

    He went to check if his puppet "daughter" was ok.

    And he saw a monster...

    The thing was horrible.

    It was bloody an…

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