You don t need a heart now do you adri by adrianamaldonado98-d9zhe3u

Ready for me to come for you...?

Hello everyone. 

I am the admin of this page and i'd like to welcome you to where your going to see what i can show you for what i can do and what im made up.

i just started this site because ive always had an intrest in horror, blood and gore and love creepypasta.

dispising all the foolish fan girls, im not one of them... and im sure you all will accept me and my ideas when it comes to creativity. 

The picture for example is a charater ive been working over for almost a year already and is pretty complicated and well sorted out. I will post more things about her and the other being on her head in the futre. stay tuned, and have a horrible day my lovlies~❤