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How about This?

So im new in this site, yet i have read about ten shitloads of pastas. A lot of them have inpired me to create my own wretched pasta.

For all of you that dont know im a big fan of the metalcore scene (rock.) so in my mind, i have decided to write my pasta about my #1 most loved band of all time, Suicide Silence! 

The story is gonna go down like this:

The singer died not so long ago in an "accident."  i will explain the subliminal messages in their recent album The Black Crown, me and my girlfriend had heard the messages (vulger screams, demonic sounds, "the all seeing eye" etc.), yet no one else can.  when he is in the accident i feel everything that he is feeling. also, the moment he dies is the moment my heart stops beating. i revive of course. the day i wake up, i hear that Mitch passed away. 

i  will get into detail later, it is a work in progres.

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