I was in the police department.I had no memory of what happened...I'm just glad that I'm safe.I did record it.So,I walked to the policeman,and asked him if I can see my camera."Yes,but give it back when your done.We'll need to see it,too,"said the policeman,who's tag reads "Paul".I grabbed my camera carefully and watched the recording.Here is what happened.
It was a nice summer day.Wind blowing through my blonde hair,making it dance.I pointed the camera to myself,and I see that I wore my leather jacket,with blue jeans.I couldn't see my shoes though,because I was too tall.The camera flashed to a mouthless man wearing a pitch black hoodie and navy blue jeans.He had black hair with pink streaks.Then,it flashed back to me.I pointed the camera to the forest.The leaves shining a healthy looking green color.I also pointed the camera to my girlfriend,Lisa.She looked at the camera,and said,"So,you're recording,huh?",she asked."Well,duh!I want this to be memorable~",I foolishly answered."Well,let's start hiking!",she exclaimed.
It stopped recording,and went to the next recording."LISA?!",I screamed,in the recording.It seem that I was panicking,and was looking for her.I hear a scream.It sounded like...LISA!The recording shows that I was running to Lisa's dead corpse.It showed that she had her mouth ripped off and I cried.I dropped the camera and it shows a guy holding her mouth."Why did you do this?!Who a-",I was interrupted by a hit in the head.The guy threw a tree branch so fast,it knocked me out.The video showed his face...No mouth...NO MOUTH?!
Video ends...I put down the camera,and covered my face with my hand,and sobbed.I felt so suicidal...I wanted to be with her...So,one day,I hung myself.The last thing I saw...was...Mouthless Pete...