• XMechanicalXSpaceghost

    It has always worried me. tormented . Burned. It has scared me all my life and I try so hard to avoid it. Abandonment. Being left somewhere forever by my self. Trapped. Condemned to be alone, without the ones you love. Decay in silence. Corrupted is this thinking but I cant seem to get rid of it. Everyday I make him promise he will never leave me. I know it scares him but I have to be sure. Cant break a promise. If I end up alone it shall be the end.

    "You never have to worry about that, I always come back don't i? "

    I start to get worried again... "you didn't say you love me.." I felt tears pricking the corners of my eyes.

    "I don't need to, you already know. " he smiled, which made me smile.

    "Come back soon"

    "Ill try, I love you."

    " I love you t…

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