Have you ever been so pissed off when you are on the phone that in your head you imagine that you are crushing the phone, currently I am thinking about killing 4 people ugh how they piss me off, screaming and yelling about a fucking condom. bullshit these people are uneducated rednecks, i wonder why i hate it here. They have the iq of a pinecone, talking about going to school drunk, fuck that shit why not just show up stoned out of your mind or tripping on some pills. You country fuckers think you are so badass the only thing you know how to do is open a fucking beer, weak ass shit. Until you can drink as much as you weigh you aren't a bad ass. Ugh.

She has the most annoying fucking voice ever, i hate it. Keep screaming and i will rip your head off your fucking shoulders. Please shut up. Her sister is even worse she is the most illirate bitch i have ever met, i think she was a crack baby to bad she didn't die when she was little. I think she might have been dropped on her head when she was young. Daisy duke really? Good idea please become a whore that is what you would be good at.

I hate this fucking place i hope one day when they are grilling or having a bond fire that this country hell hole burn to the ground.