Hi strangers, I'm here the same reasons as you. Because creepypasta gives me a morbid and twisted sense of happiness. I'd like to tell you all, my name is Layla, I was born (May 21) and raised in Canada. I like to refer to myself and the Sun's Shadow, or the Sun's Darkness, if you will. Considering you all seem to enjoy creepypasta, conversations should be good for you and I. Everything I say will come out weird, it happens. I'm a huge grammar Nazi, and I will correct you. My first pasta was Russian sleep expirement, but I've read everything from 'I must type this sentence' to 'gateway of the mind' . I'm not a hugly religious person, but I am indeed a Satanist. Canadian Satanist, yes, you've offically seen it all. "I'm sorry I killed your goat, can I offer you some syrup, eh? " Just kidding ! Also, stereotypes aside, please leave the satanic jokes at the door and I'll do the same for all your religion. Satanists do not actually kill animals unless we are being attacked or we need to eat. Anyways, Not here to preach. Nobody will read this piece of actual crap, but incase you do, Thanks, I love you Strange Strangers.

For my fellow Strangers.