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  • Worldofnonsince

    Deathly Ill

    July 17, 2013 by Worldofnonsince

    Death to all and all to death

    Their demise is my regret

    Forgotten young ones, forgotten people.

    The blood is flowing that’s my laugh,

    with a dagger in their hearts is so much fun

    Cut it open, Cut it out

    Watch it beat on the ground.

    No more life in their defenseless soul.

    Laughter grows stronger,

    Laughter grows bold.

    They wont be missed.

    I”ll be praised.

    By their friends and by whom they were raised.

    Oh you dark defenseless hearkened minds.

    Your body wont be jolt back to life

    Your shot down.

    Your dead.

    Your lifeless.

    Your gone.

    The devil in me has just begun.

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  • Worldofnonsince

    She the Eater

    July 17, 2013 by Worldofnonsince

    Hiding under my bed, is someone or something, i cant comprehend his powers but he is invisible and i know no good can come from him. Sometimes at night i can hear him scratching  and then he crawls out from under my bed to call me to make my way down stairs.  Every morning he howls away on a communication device, that was made from the under world, to talk to the women,  he was her last victim before she was cast into the fiery depths of hell.   She is not beautiful, not nice, but she is a very misleading creature. She is more than a women. She is a Demon. She feeds off the pain of the suffering children. She steals from everyone.  She is a very mysterious monster, with her hands she can turn one away from the other and split love into two…

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  • Worldofnonsince


    July 17, 2013 by Worldofnonsince

    The paranoia is back, like a feverish monster that wants to corrupt my brain. I'm not quite sure why the devilsh creature as returned, maybe I did something to provoke it. It is quite unusual that he popped up again. I would of thought by now he would of  disappeared and would of become obvilous to my mind. Obviously I was incorrect. Not only was my brain telling me lies about paranoia being gone it also lied to me about being healed from the incurable disaster. It is literally unbelievable to me how the creature stepped his way back into my brain and caused my ears to hear silent but powerful lies. He decieved my eyes to make them see things that are not truly there. Things that frighten me. He tells me I am nothing and that I am useless …

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