aka Starserpent, Serpent, or SS

  • I live in The abyss of the multiverses
  • My occupation is a very cheeky quasar.
  • I am a part time amphithere, part time pulsar, part time vengeful nova. Use whatever pronouns you want!
  • Starserpent

    Help me out?

    March 18, 2017 by Starserpent

    Okay. I'm new to this wiki and any help given either to my understanding of this wiki or my self-esteem would be appreciated. I just want to know some good articles. Also, I am an extremely sucky writer. I cannot write at all. And the reason why I didn't make any pages is because I cannot write anything and it would just be deleted on account of exteme suckiness. (sniff) Okay, enough sitting in the pity pot. So again, anyone who can help me would be thanked profusely.

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