• Woloszyn2

    Ok. So my friend decided to write this. I feel as this should be classified. Please, beware of this. I don't have any idea of what happened to him. He's never acted this way. Ever. I haven't seen him sence. Ill contact the police soon.

    Ever heard of the Lavender town theory? Well, im going to put that to rest by actually testing it out. Day by day, ill be recording my experiences and happenings on this document.

    DAY 1 : All is fine. I listened to it for a good 50 minutes. Nothing happened. 

    DAY 2 : Im begging to feel as though this is just a big hoax. But, it has only been two days, so i don't quite know yet.

    DAY 3 : Another 60 minute trial, and all I got was a small headache.

    DAY 4 : My headache is a bit worse now. Ill try to ignore it.

    DAY 5 :…

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