one day a boy called tom was walking home from school when a car pulled up along side him a woman dressed all in black held up a gun to him "get in the car" she said carmly he did as he was told,
she drove for 24 minutes when they stoped outside an old house. she got got first and told him to get and don't run or he'll be shot, tom followed her into the house, inside there was tons of life sized... dolls, "oh they are not dolls...they are or were people..and your next" she said as she opend a door, inside the room was a chair and a lot of bloody sews and needles, tom knew he had to act fast if he wanted to live, "sit there it will be over shortly" she said as carmly as befor. tom sat in the chair knowing he had waitedto long and now he will die, the woman pick up a saw and walk over to him, tom screamed with all his might, the woman's eyes lit up with evil glee she put the saw down and picked up a needle she then walked back over to him still screaming and started sew his mourth up, "this will hurt alot now" she said still carm, toms did't want to get out he wanted to kill this evil woman, he puntched her in the face with all his might and grabed one of the saws, as he did she had ran out the room and had gone into the kitchen to grab a knife " now stay back am not joking stay back!" she screamed this time, tom's eyes lit up in glee, he looked in the kitchen and found a pen and wrote and the wall "what is your name" the woman look at him and said weakly "mary...mary shaw", tom then wrote "my name is-" he stoped and thought about his name, he then wrote "DEAD SILENCE" he turned to mary, he took the knife from her and stabed her 37 times.......
from then on his sewen up mouth had sent fear into the people he kills. "Dead silence" then forrgot his life befor and bruned down his own home with his family inside....he now kills and burns anyone who hurt hurts or kills childen and his mouth has never opend since that day.
Beware the stare of Mary Shaw.
She had no children,
only dolls.
And if you see her do not scream;
Or she'll rip your tongue out, at the seam.
And if you see her remember this,
The only thing that can stop her is...