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Wolfy7 August 5, 2014 User blog:Wolfy7

Hi! I'm Wolfy, a 17yo girl from Norhtern Italy. I'm some kind of masochist coward, indeed I love reading CPs that won't make me sleep for days. 

I've started reading Creepypasta on the Creepypasta&Stuff FB page, an Italian group doing good translates. I didn't know about this Wiki until a few hours ago; I was listening to some creepy Vocaloid songs, when Kagome, Kagome started, I wondered if there was a story behind it, and there was. I found it there, liked the site, and registered.

I've got a question for those who read my entry: how did you start reading CPs?

P.S.: I apologize if sometime I speak a poor English

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