Hello, all. This is Wolfenmaus, of course. This is the re-application for modship here, and I'd like to start off by clearing the air of a few things.

Firstly, I understand that I'm not here 24/7, and I apologize. I was dealing with a few school things, but I'm all caught up. That means that I'll able to moderate at a much more acceptable rate. Secondly, I'd like to address concerns regarding my past behavior. For those who do not recall or are not informed:

  1. I have been accused of flamebaiting, which I firmly deny. I hold opinions on some things that are different than others. I am allowed to have a negative opinion. I stop when asked.

Despite this, I have made an effort to steady myself, and have become (I believe) a more level-headed user. I've been watching more, as well, and just two days ago, I accumulated over 10 bans and more regarding a socking attack.

That being said, please vote fairly and non-biased. I am the longest current running mod on the site, having first become a mod in late 2012, and again in mid-2013. I'd like to be here many more years as well. Thank you.