May add more rules, later.

Wolfen's List of Creepypasta Etiquette

Rule One: It is spelled creepypasta. Not 'creepy pasta'.

Rule Two: Calling Slenderman 'Slender' will have you immediately lynched by the Creepypasta Community.

Rule Three: Gamepastas, Ponypastas, Lost Episode Pastas, and other pastas based on an already-established franchise cannot be good (with RARE exceptions). Anyone who says otherwise is not literate enough to actually READ creepypasta.

Rule Four: BE LITERATE. You are discussing LITERATURE.

Rule Five: Complaining about pastas without backing up your opinion with evidence is a big no-no.

Rule Six: Do not roleplay as a Creepypasta character. They don't exist, and you're making yourself look like a damn idiot.

Rule Seven: We don't care what fandoms you're a part of. Most likely, a lot of us will just find you annoying for trying to inject it into a conversation.

Rule Eight: Using... ellipses... constantly... makes you seem like... an edgy emo prick...

Rule Nine: "The pasta is short" is NOT a valid complaint.

Rule Ten: Jeff the Killer is NOT a good pasta to base yours off of. The majority of the community hate it.