Okay, I'm making this blog to let people know the different kind of knights that may appear in chat from time to time. There are three major ones: Whiteknights, Blacknights, and Orangeknights. Starting off, we have...


Whiteknights are users who defend a wrongdoer, despite the wrongdoer having been proven to have broken a rule of some sort. This is uneccesary, and can get you banned. 618px-Whiteknight


Blacknights are users who attack a Whiteknight instead of letting a mod or admin know about the Whiteknight. Blacknights will be banned after a warning.



Hoo, boy. Orangeknights, aka BigDogs (Named after the former king of butthurt users, Orangeknightguy322 and the current reigning champion of butthurt, MrBigDog/AngryDogDesigns) are users that were once a Whiteknight or Blacknight, and became SO butthurt after being reprimanded that they resort to trolling, spamming, and the like. ORANGEKNIGHTS WILL BE BANNED ON THE SPOT. NO EXCEPTIONS.


And you're probably thinking "But Wolfen! You aren't an Admin, you can't just make up rules!" I'M NOT. THESE ARE ALREADY RULES, BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE! KNIGHTS, YOU ARE WARNED.