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  • Wolfenmaus

    Re-App: Wolfenmaus

    June 10, 2014 by Wolfenmaus

    Hello, all. This is Wolfenmaus, of course. This is the re-application for modship here, and I'd like to start off by clearing the air of a few things.

    Firstly, I understand that I'm not here 24/7, and I apologize. I was dealing with a few school things, but I'm all caught up. That means that I'll able to moderate at a much more acceptable rate. Secondly, I'd like to address concerns regarding my past behavior. For those who do not recall or are not informed:

    1. I have been accused of flamebaiting, which I firmly deny. I hold opinions on some things that are different than others. I am allowed to have a negative opinion. I stop when asked.

    Despite this, I have made an effort to steady myself, and have become (I believe) a more level-headed user. …

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  • Wolfenmaus

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a story, nor is it meant to in any way scare or spook the reader. This is not a blogicle.

    Now, that being said, allow me to say hello to you all. This blog, and the blogs following it, are rants (or otherwise observations) on creepypasta, the different creepypasta fandoms, and why the quality and fanbase of pasta is going down. To those that know me, this should come as no surprise: I rant all the bloody time. However, I'll attempt to be much more relaxed and calm in this, as to correctly, accurately, and efficiently explain in detail the finer workings of story-writing for the new writers here, and hopefully all users can gain something out of this. That being said, let the rant begin.

    I suppose to first understand the c…

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  • Wolfenmaus

    Creepypasta Chat Etiquette

    February 12, 2014 by Wolfenmaus

    May add more rules, later.

    Wolfen's List of Creepypasta Etiquette

    Rule One: It is spelled creepypasta. Not 'creepy pasta'.

    Rule Two: Calling Slenderman 'Slender' will have you immediately lynched by the Creepypasta Community.

    Rule Three: Gamepastas, Ponypastas, Lost Episode Pastas, and other pastas based on an already-established franchise cannot be good (with RARE exceptions). Anyone who says otherwise is not literate enough to actually READ creepypasta.

    Rule Four: BE LITERATE. You are discussing LITERATURE.

    Rule Five: Complaining about pastas without backing up your opinion with evidence is a big no-no.

    Rule Six: Do not roleplay as a Creepypasta character. They don't exist, and you're making yourself look like a damn idiot.

    Rule Seven: We don't c…

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  • Wolfenmaus


    Here's hoping he does Toadman 2!

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  • Wolfenmaus

    As it appears that I have failed in my duty, I am going to take a leave of service in order to mature myself and try to change my behavior so that I may reclaim the modship that was wrongfully taken from me.

    I will finish my pastas in progress, so please do not lock my profile or account.

    Goodbye friends.

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