aka Ciel Phantomhive

  • I live in London, England
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is the Queen's Guard Dog
  • I am a male (actually female in life, guys...)
  • WolfandFox

    I hate reading those creepypastas that everybody's talking about, like "Username 666" or "The Russian Sleep Experiment"...

    ...and the endings or just general facts in the stories are terrible/cheesy?

    Yes, I understand that this is Creepypasta and that the stories are meant to entertain, unnerve and be unrealistic sometimes, but seriously. This picture came to mind after reading "666."

    Because some 'hand-of-the-devil' coming out of your computer screen doesn't sound very realistic. XD

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  • WolfandFox

    So I read (awhile ago) that creepypasta about BEN Drowned.


    And let me tell you, I really shouldn't have done that. It was terribly long and my eyes hurt after that.

    Imma switch to reader mode from now on...

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