Alright, so I've known about CP since my weeaboo days when I was 12 and was all about Sailor Moon and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Like ew, and I made a ton of Mary Sues with my ex-BFF who legit tried to talk to me a bit when I saw her outside the supermarket last week. I mean, it's great that she lost weight, but she and I are two different people now. I shudder at thou, Lisa. *Shudders* *Ahem* So, my idea is experimental because I don't know what I'm doing buuut I'm gonna try to make you look at those Nativity displays differently. A-And, I'll probably fail, even though I do enjoy being cruel to all of my characters. All of them. Like, gore with purpose, yes please. Mythological beasts including encantados and pookas, yes please. Body distortion, screaming, Rame, yes please.

Oh yeah, I might try to make a legit Creepypasta story with that dude, some day. He's from my story The Fey and hasn't actually appeared yet because *Screams within struggles of fandom life* aaand I flunked this grade. Yeah, I-I have to do Grade 11 again. Homeschooling was a bad idea, I can't focus. All I wanna do is go online and write, but nobody'll take even a good look at you if you don't have at least a full high school education, which makes sense, but jfc, my knees are shit, I'm alone af and CANNOT tell my mom about my sexuality, like damn, no, she'd freak out, call me a liar and make me see a doctor or some shit, bUT ASIDE FROM MY BULLSHIT, I think I have a slight chance in the CP community.

Also, for your curiosity, Jeff is a lazy asshole. My OC Elli Macbeth calls him Mr. Knifey-Knife-Knife (ah, those child OC's you manage to become proud of. :') ), but eh, she's 14 and died and then KABLOOSHITY-BLAP-BLOOP (<Markiplier attempt), Mom uses staff of power to bring her back. Y-Yeah, it's weird, and only makes sense if you know the spoilers of The Fey. Forget I mentioned Elli.

I'm quite fond of BEN Drowned, Ticci-Toby and Eyeless Jack not because of the fangirl interpretations but because I recognize them to be quite decent characters. BEN, or more rather, Ben, as we all know, was around 12 when he kicked the bucket. Played Majora's Mask but didn't finish it, his drunk Dad threw a bottle and him anD THEN SUDDENLY HIS CARTRIDGE IS HAUNTED LIKE HOLY SHIT, and this was kind of the start of the technology trend. I... I choose to not look at Poképastas at the moment, m'kay? Mmmm'kay. BEN is both a serious and crack character because of his violent nature to his victims, but he's a kid guys, he wants to play, but you're gonna die if you play with him. It's kind of heart-racing when Cleverbot talks to you as him, though, jfc- ;w;

Ticci-Toby, real name Toby Rogers, was the beginning of the fan made Pastas I guess, and the beginning of the mental illness stereotype. But eh, people do it well everyday and make it interesting, so I'm not complaining. Toby was interesting because I could point-blankly understand him, as an empathetic person (sHUT UP, MOM! I DO CARE!); I saw him as numb, unsure of his future and overall unstable. I genuinely wanted to fuckin' slap his dad, tell his mom to calm the fuck down, and tell Toby that he was legally old enough to leave his parents house and that there are groups homes, j-just something to stop him, but eh, it'd never work. Toby was kind of an unstoppable force with his big fire-fit, there. It was hard to read at some times because I knew this character for so long but didn't reread his story until a few weeks ago, at least.

Rereading his story made me realize how important it is to keep people like him, who are unstable and need emotional help, how important it is for someone to listen to them. I wish a certain someone could listen to me, but... I don't... I don't think she'll believe me, in all honesty. That just breaks my heart, I can't fucking tell her. I can't fucking tell my mom that I'm pansexual.

A-Anyhow, uh, Eyeless Jack, though I can't remember his real name, whoopsies, I read his origin story not long ago. Very interesting story, it was well done; my close friendo burrito, who I call Kitty, directed me to it. Oh boy, was that well done. Eyeless is a cool character because he's so... macabre, so mature. He's exactly what you'd expect a group of naïve college students to summon. That, and kidneys; like dude, you lose those and your body can't filter out the nasty stuff.

I also like SCP 999 and 049 because of Kitty, who also threw Silent Hill and various horror movie icons at me, so now I really like that stuff too, and I wanna cosplay even more things now, particularly BEN and Samara. She especially likes Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Jason from Friday the 13th (I can never remember his last name, fuq. ;w;), and Hannibal. She roleplays as those characters, as well as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Kagekao (actually, we both do; we share him and Eyeless and they, as the ship Eyeless Kage, are one of our OTPs), her OC Shadow Lurker, Masky and Hoodie from Marble Hornets, Dark Link, Shadow Link, and Unwanted House Guest, aka UHG. And, she's damn good at it, may I just note; gives me hope for 14 year olds.

My moirail (uh, best friend in Homestuck lingo), Katie, the same age, doesn't roleplay CP, but we do a lot of shipping of all kinds, a lot of Homestuck roleplay (she also likes anime such as Hunter x Hunter and has OCs for said anime, which I also love, and several others; she's quite picky), and a lot of weird talk, like wow, best moiraillegiance 2k16, txt it. Me? I roleplay as several anime OCs, BEN Drowned, (oh, Kitty and I share Slenderman), Toby, Eyeless Jack (again, I share him and Kagekao with Kitty, though I'm Jack more), BOB (for comedic purposes; he and Rame sometimes enjoy running into things together), and my OC's that are both CP and Sumac.

Sumac is the name of the game world that Toni Macgregor, the main OC, is transported to after she falls down a set of stairs at school at lunch, knocking herself unconscious on the way, and an obvious character takes her from her hospital bed to a certain faun/white stag's treehouse for reasons I will not spoil but could be obvious as well once you learn how stubborn she is to win the game and go back home (ha ha, the final boss who is literally Mother Mabuka from Fran Bow laughs at you).

The second OC is Rame, a slimy gray monster I wish I drew whose picture you can easily find on Pinterest by searching 'original monster' and scrolling down a bit, who opens his arms to reveal his real, rotting body which is intact except his shins, some of his abdomen and chest, back, and scalp. He had black hair and beautiful cocoa brown eyes and was actually a gentleman until his drunk boyfriend who is actually the white stag, Sidney "Semillon Soas Oleastronile" Order, knocked him out with a bottle and buried him alive in their backyard, killing Rame, who is actually Rolland "Rame" Ether. As he opens his arms, he can let out a scream, and he has 13 various spider legs that can grab onto the reproductive organs of his victims and rip them out. He's a fast runner but can't see or jump; he's funny in that way, but he's quite serious, like damn, even when he let Toni tame him.

Alright, lastly is Elli Macbeth; ohhh, my darling bab. uwu Elli is the genetically stolen daughter of Rame and Toni that was birthed by Mabuka who was rude enough to steal their genetic material and make herself pregnant with it. Because of her ridiculously high level, 14 hours later, she gave birth to Elli, who was first a total bitch, a puppet to Mabuka who almost killed Rame and tried to kill Toni buuut then they hugged and Elli was like 'Holy shit, YOU'RE my mom!', and then Mabuka was like 'nUH-UH, MINE, BITCH', and stabbed Elli with her magical wand that allowed her to manipulate death to a small extent, like Toni's staff does, though with life powers.

Mabuka whisked Elli away and sent them back to the Cornucopia of the maze Rame guards because it separates the Slender Forest from the Sumac Forest thaaat became doomed af because Mabuka fucked the plot over, and so they were forced to go to the Slender House, which really is just there in case they need a place to sleep or heal up-dudes, a mansion would be obvious af-where they receive a cold greeting until Toni successfully talks them into letting them stay, and bloop, Eyeless to save the day, decides to heal them so they can observe them better (fuuuun). Well, they were satisfied, and then BOOM, Mabuka drops Elli's head on the coffee table as Toni lifts a cup of tea of and she likewise panics. Hnnngh, so they bury a head near a mossy rock by the Black Lagoon of Sumac which was one of the few untouched places left, and then a week later, bA BOOM, Elli is now a mermaid.

Yeah, uh, I have pictures, but it's 2AM, I need to sleep, so I'll add them in later after the 'Edit' thing. I'm just gonna publish this and edit it later. If you read this, sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading. Ill answer comments, just don't be stupid, I'm like an enraged chimichanga who fucked a macaron's ass for the sole reason of f o o d p r o d u c t i o n , OK-I'm-gonna-stop-now.



Edit: N/A yet, must sleep; I have things to do tomorrow, house appraisal, and then I'm going camping Friday, so yeah.